Food and fitness diary: WEEK 1 (16-22 FEB)

First week is finished and I feel I did quite OK in terms of fitness but let’s not talk about the food. Without further ado, here is what happened:

Breakfast: nothing – 0 cal
Lunch: breakfast – 1 egg sunny side up, avocado and sweet yellow peppers – 128 cal
Dinner: French fries, apple and peanut butter – 924 cal
Total calories = 1052

Breakfast: 1 slice white bread, 1 egg sunny side up, avocado, sweet yellow peppers and leftover fries – 538 cal
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: Tortelloni with spinach and ricotta and homemade hot dog (no bread) – 557 cal
Snack: Apple and peanut butter – 300 cal
Total calories = 1395

Breakfast: 1 slice white bred, 1 egg sunny side up, pickles – 186 cal
Lunch: Hot dog – 348
Dinner: Homemade chicken noodle soup, grapes, Coca Cola Zero – 345 cal
Total calories = 879

Breakfast: 1 Cafe Latte Starbucks – 190 cal
Lunch: Homemade chicken noodle soup, grapes – 289 cal
Dinner (out): French fries, fried pork tenderloin, 2 slice white bread, bean soup – 1313
Total calories = 1792

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon bruschetta – 293 cal
Lunch: Smoked Salmon bruschetta – 293 cal
Dinner (out): Thai noodle salad with chicken – 559 cal
Total calories = 1402

Breakfast: 2 cereal bars – 300 cal
Lunch: chicken noodle soup, homemade mashed potato, fried pork – 453 cal
Dinner (out): Pizza – 964 cal
Total calories = 1717

Breakfast: leftover pizza – 583 cal
Lunch: chicken noodle soup, meatballs, homemade mashed potatoes, fried pork – 725 cal
Dinner: chocolate cheesecake, roasted eggplant salad, 2 slice white bread – 565 cal
Total calories: 1873

Monday: T25 Cardio
Tuesday: T25 Speed 1.0
Wednesday: T25 Total body circuit
Thursday: T25 Ab intervals
Friday: T25 Cardio & T25 Lower focus (double workout)

I have written in red what I did wrong / could have made a better choice and in green the days where in the end I did well. Each workout is 270 calories so that’s why some days eve if I went over 1200 cal with the food I ended up under that value.

1. Eliminate sugar
2. Eliminate fast food type foods (even if homemade)
3. Not drinking sodas

What I am working with after week 1:

Weight: 61.3 kg / 135.1 lbs
Chest: 90 cm / 35.43 in
Waist: 71 cm / 27.95 in
Arms: 27 cm / 10.62 in
Thighs: 54 cm / 21.25 in

Already deep into week 2 now, not sure how I will manage to salvage this. Stay tuned for the disaster.


Food and fitness diary: START

I am not fat but I am on the right path to get fat. My goal is to get back at 50-52 kg / 110-114 lbs, not everyone might agree but I felt good about my body back then.

Here is what I am working with:

Weight: 60.7 kg / 133.8 lbs
Chest: 90 cm / 35.43 in
Waist: 74 cm / 29.13 in
Arms: 26 cm / 10.23 in
Thighs: 54 cm / 21.25 in


Weight: 50-52 kg / 110-114 lbs
Timeline: June/July 2015
Calories: 1200 / day
Keep on track with my fitness schedule: T25

I will post every week my meal plan (if any), the food and fitness diary and the measurements. I hope this will help you but I am sure it will motivate me to stay on track.

Let’s do this!

Tortelloni with spinach and ricotta

I couldn’t believe it either, no fish today! Apart from the fish thing, it is obvious that I tend to cook meals that are fast to cook and this one is no exception. So let’s get cooking.

You need:

IMG_1240 (2)

No! The green stuff is not for rolling and smoking, it’s just dried parsley! 

Garlic, butter, parmesan (or any melting cheese that you prefer – but in my opinion, parmesan is the right choice), tortelloni (duh! – or any pasta for the matter) and parsley. I would recommend fresh herbs but I didn’t had any on hand and this worked out just fine. As always, you don’t need any measurements you can just add as much or as little as you like.

If you don’t have a water boiler, now it’s a good time to put your pasta water to boil.
Next just throw the butter, minced garlic and onion in a pan and cook until the onion is translucent. Now that you scrolled back to search for the onion, because you were probably thinking that you have memory loss, you don’t! I do!
Careful here, if the heat is too high take the pan on and off to allow it to cool down and avoid burning the onion and garlic.

IMG_1245 (2) IMG_1246 (2)

Once the onion is cooked you can throw your pasta into the boiling water and add the herbs, in my case the dried parsley. This one took only 2 minutes to cook but you should check the package instructions.

IMG_1252 (2) IMG_1254 (2)
Always salt your water otherwise your pasta will taste blend and there is no turning back. Be generous with the salt, most of it will be drained out anyway. I make it taste like the sea.

Once the pasta is done, transfer it to the pan and make sure you cover it with the sauce.

IMG_1256 (2)

Then into the plate, grate some cheese and dig in!

IMG_1257 (2)

Long story short

Bon apetit

Wrap it up!

After putting together the ingredients for this recipe, I realized … I have to really consider changing the name of this blog from NoChef to YesFish.

I first saw a version of this recipe on a cooking show about healthy foods (sorry can’t remember the name of the show or chef) and made me want to try it because I had all the ingredients in my fridge, it was fast and it involved no cooking. Here we go: Tuna Wrap

The only mandatory ingredients are the wrap and the tuna can … for the rest you can use what you like/have. Here is what I used:

IMG_1205 (2)

Drain the tuna (mine was in olive oil so I kept it for a dressing) and just rinse and cut as your veggies as you wish.

IMG_1208 (2) IMG_1211 (2)

I added some lemon juice and salt to the olive oil from the tuna can and used it to dress the salad. I mixed in the tuna, spring onion and lemon juice to taste.

IMG_1221 (2) IMG_1217 (2)

In with the veggies

IMG_1223 (2)

Now let’s wrap it up!

IMG_1229 (2)

IMG_1231 (2)

Long story short

Bon apetit
Bon apetit!

Fish tales … featuring the salmon

70% of the blog so far is fishy…

Today we enjoy the salmon. Simply cooked with salt, pepper and a knob of butter (easily replaceable with olive oil for the lighter version)

IMG_1169 (2)Throw into a screaming hot pan (skin side down) for a crispy result. I cooked it for 5 min on the skin side and about 1-2 min on the other.

IMG_1170 (2)

Just added some baby spinach with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, some mustard dill sauce and … voila!

IMG_1171 (2)*** Tip: Serve it with the skin side up if you want it to stay crispy. I know, I know, it looks better on the other side.

Long story short


There was something fishy at dinner tonight …

Having a full-time job (sometimes working extra hours) and taking care of a home is quite time consuming. In order to make it work, when cooking, I usually look at how fast the dish will be done, in order to decide what’s for dinner.

Fish is always a safe decision if you don’t have time. I didn’t had time, but I had fish.


It takes minutes to cook and this recipe is particularly easy because you only need 5 ingredients.


*** Ok, ok I used pepper as well.

I have stuffed the fish with the lemon and parsley and threw them on a hot grill pan together with the butter.


Threw in some rice my mom made, alioli and mustard dill sauce (from a jar – #notproud #notsorry) and voila!


Long story short …

Bon apetit!
Bon apetit!


  • Trout
  • Parsley
  • Butter
  • Lemon
  • Salt and pepper

***No quantities, you can adjust as you like. 

***The inspiration for this dish came from Jamie Oliver’s – Grandad Ken’s crispy grilled trout with parsley & lemon